About Us

Our Mission

Mundo Sostenible Consultores works with local and international partners to provide industry-leading clean energy financing and consulting services to foster economic growth in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.

Our Vision

Mundo Sostenible Consultores strives to transition Latin American economies to utilize 100% renewable energy resources for electricity generation and transportation fuel, and to maximize all energy efficiency opportunities in the production, transmission and consumption of energy.

For general information or institutional contact, please contact us at cjf@mundosostenibleconsult.com.

Our Services

Clean Energy Financing

MSc, in partnership with international foundations and local clean energy project developers, manages a program to reduce the up-front cost of clean energy project development. These projects include new energy efficiency, solar, wind, bioenergy, geothermal, energy storage and clean transportation systems that boast sound economics and reduce the emission of carbon into the atmosphere.
Please send us a message if you have a clean energy project in mind as you may be eligible for our program! We’d love to connect you with our local project development partners in your community!

Clean Energy Consulting

We offer an array of services tailored to maximize the efficiency and utility of clean energy systems. From in-home or full business energy profile evaluations and audits to clean energy system performance evaluations, MSc is excited to work with you to achieve your clean energy and cost savings goals.
Contact us to be your partner in getting the most out of your clean energy investment!

Marketing and Communication

Is your business looking to expand its online presence? Does your community plan an upcoming clean energy project and need help gaining exposure? Are you looking for the best strategy for future clean energy development? We can help!
MSc offers our knowledge and experience in refining the message your business or project needs to reach out to your future customers and partners. Through electronic media design and production, we can help to put you on the map! We are also happy to facilitate connections with our local partners to ensure that your project has the support it needs to be successful!

Research and Analysis

MSc is always busy bringing to light the latest trends and newest developments in the clean energy space in Latin America. We conduct feasibility analysis for clean energy project development, as well as generate reports on existing energy generation and transmission infrastructure in order to provide the clearest picture of the energy market and industry. Our objective is to provide timely and actionable information to help foster sound energy policy and intelligent project development.

Who We Are

Clint Fandrich
Peru: +51 940-010-064
USA: +1 608-535-9933

Clint is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he studied renewable energy policy development. Having travelled extensively throughout Latin America, Clint has gained valuable experience and insight into global economic systems and their relationships to regional energy markets. Integrating renewable energy and energy efficiency technology with on-the-ground circumstances, particularly in the developing world, are a main focus of his education and work experience.
Before coming to Mundo Sostenible, Clint served the State of Wisconsin as a lead energy policy analyst to maximize Wisconsin’s bioenergy potential. Through this role, he managed statewide programs funded in part by the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Agriculture. These programs yielded a comprehensive survey of Wisconsin’s biogas capacity and potential, as well as a $20 million program to fund biogas energy development through public-private partnerships.
Clint firmly believes that the future is bright for clean energy development in emerging economies in the coming decades, particularly in Peru. Together with partners around Latin America and the United States, he looks forward to offering his experience, determination, and support for responsible and sustainable energy development to reduce poverty and protect the environment.
Clint lives in Arequipa, Peru with his wife, Lili, and their three cats.

Gerson Chavez
Publicity Supervisor
Peru: +51 992-063-277

Born and raised in Arequipa, Gerson is a graphic design technician and a specialist in computer repair and maintenance. While he chose not to follow the traditional trajectory of his education, he began to feel more comfortable in the field of sales and marketing. This allowed him to develop a skill of detailing complex concepts with the goal of improving the lives of people and animals alike. Direct contact with clients and business partners soon led him to discover a passion for professional communication and presentation and to fit in well with sales and marketing teams. Gerson worked in this role at a clean energy project developer in Arequipa where he improved the communications tools to familiarize clients with new solar water heating technology.
Gerson soon joined MSc as he began to see that it was possible to help improve the lives of people in his community with clean energy projects and in turn take care of the environment. Additionally, Gerson hopes to help make MSc one of the largest and most successful organizations in cultivating a higher quality of life for people in Peru and beyond, as well as improve environmental quality and contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem for wildlife.
In the near future, Gerson hopes to establish a shelter for animals, particularly street dogs, called Grecolandia. He believes it is fundamentally important for communities to defend animal rights and provide a better quality of life for our four-legged neighbors.
Gerson lives in Arequipa, Peru with his adopted dog, Oso.

Renato Navarrete Orihuela
Renewable Projects Analyst
Peru: +51 931-286-407

Renato strives to bring electricity to far-flung places in Peru that don’t currently enjoy basic utility services using renewable energy, all while helping to prevent pollution.
He began his studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Santa Maria Catholic University in Arequipa, Peru. He developed a passion for Competitive Robotics, as well as doing research in energy solutions by developing home-made solar panels with the help of members of his robotics team.
Renato began an apprenticeship in the development of solar panels for utility poles and continued his work in Renewable Energy, developing mostly photovoltaic projects, on and off-grid systems, solar water pumping systems, and hybrids, all at large and small scales.
He has contributed his experience and knowledge to MSc in different technical aspects, including sizing of photovoltaic systems and completion of photovoltaic projects.
Renato enjoys traveling, home-made and competitive robotics, and electric motors. He lives in Arequipa, Peru.

Jeff Bobula
Managing Partner
USA: +1 608-695-2914

Jeff Bobula is passionate about supporting people to gain knowledge in life by utilizing technology.
His professional career started by studying Audio Engineering and Music Technology at Madison Media Institute in Madison, Wisconsin. He managed a recording studio in the mid-2000s while also playing music.
For the past 10 years, Jeff has worked in complex hardware and software environments with consumer and business support for leading technology companies like Apple and Evernote.
Jeff is excited about reducing carbon emissions by leveraging sustainable energy project development for those who need it most. With MSc, he is directly combating climate change, an enormous challenge to humanity.
An avid meditator, Jeff is mindfully extending this passion of helping people with MSc by managing available technologies to bring affordable and sustainable renewable energy practices to Peru and beyond.
Jeff also enjoys singing, all Wisconsin sport teams, and cheese.
He lives in Austin, Texas with his fiancée, Sarah and dog, Barry.

Maria Alejandra Raffo Salazar
Sustainable Research and Development
Peru: +51 959-171-221

Maria Alejandra has a Master’s in Environmental, Economic and Social Development at the Autonomous University of Barcelona-Spain. Before attending her Master’s program, she worked for four years in the mining sector. It was there that she discovered her interest and motivation for contributing to the environment by developing solutions that benefit both communities and companies in an inclusive way.
She studied Commercial Engineering at the Catholic University of Santa María in Arequipa, Peru. Her experience there provided the foundation for her Master’s program in granting exposure to operational management, with an emphasis on marketing and business.
She is a proactive and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge. Through her easy-going character, she is unafraid of interacting with an array of personalities. She has a true spirit of leadership as well as the ability to work as an indispensable team player.
Maria’s knowledge and experience in different professional fields will help MSc to have an integrated perspective in being able to present different alternatives to problems faced by companies’ cooperative projects and by the greater communities MSc serves.
She enjoys traveling and cycling in the countryside. She loves any chance to try traditional food from anywhere.
Ale lives in Arequipa, Peru with her parents and her dog.

Rafael Fernández Barreda
Project Manager
Peru: +51 958-999-904

Rafael has only one objective: to solve global problems using engineering solutions.
He began his studies in Electrical Mechanical Engineering at the Catholic University of Santa Maria in Arequipa, Peru. To follow his passion of gaining new knowledge and skills, he pursued an offer for a yearlong internship at EGASA, one of the largest electrical generators in Arequipa, where he learned about the current state of the electrical generation industry in Arequipa and Peru more generally. He also learned a great deal about the intercommunication between electrical generators and energy distribution infrastructure. At the end of his internship, Rafael began to explore opportunities with renewable energy and was introduced to solar energy through small-scale projects as an apprentice. During that period, he also found time to become certified as an electrician through programs offered by SENATI, as well as becoming a hydraulic systems designer through TECSUP.
After a couple of years and before joining MSc, Rafael began to work at a private company that provided renewable energy solutions where he designed solar and wind energy projects. In his free time, he worked as an engineering consultant for companies that are interested in finding ways to solve energy-related problems with improved energy efficiency, such as with LED lighting and solar water heating, and solar and wind energy systems.
Rafael lives in Arequipa, Peru with his mother and his dog, Jackson.

For general information or institutional contact, please contact us at cjf@mundosostenibleconsult.com.