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August 9th, 2021

IPCC Report: AR6

The Sixth Assessment Report from the IPCC working group addresses the physical understanding of the climate system and climate change.

Changing by Alisa Singer

JOBS: Job growth in the renewable energy sector continues to grow with more than 1 million added in 2017 alone. 70% of that growth was in just 6 countries: China, Brazil, the US, India, Germany and Japan. This indicates the need for specialized training for workers in Peru to realize these job gains in the coming years.

Canadian mining company announces discovery of more than $31 billion of lithium carbonate ore in Puno region.
Have you heard of the Lithium Triangle? Latin America is on the front lines of the battle for energy storage resources.
Did you hear about the new electric buses coming to Lima? Lima’s Municipal Transit system is working with Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership to pilot the use of electric buses in the city’s public transit.
A new solar power plant has begun operations in Peru. Near the city of Moquegua, the Rubí solar power plant utilizes PV solar to generate 180MW of electricity for the country’s electric market.

Check out this video by Enel Green Power about Rubí!:


A brief video outlining the implementation of a hybrid solar energy system at El Amor de Dios orphanage in Arequipa, Peru in March of 2021.
A brief presentation outlining Energy Policy Opportunities in Peru and across Latin America. Clint Fandrich outlines important energy policy mechanisms to promote renewable energy development.
A short presentation to introduce the concept of Climate Change and to explain its causes and consequences. Maria Alejandra emphasizes the importance of raising awareness of incorporating environmental issues into our daily lives as well as in our future projects.
MSc’s perspective on the IPCC’s SR-15 released on October 8, 2018:
Check out our presentation for MSc’s Business Plan 2018 to learn more details about our programs and initiatives: